About us

In the distant future, humans have steadily suffered from anguish and torment from their daily lives. These feelings have manifested themselves into Akumas. The Akumas will harvest the Hono of human desires to bring upon the Fall of the universe. Welcome to the Akumaverse.


Phase 1

Launch of the Genesis Collection.


Phase 2

Tokenomics of HonĊ revealed.


Phase 3

Auctions of the Legendary Akumas go live.


Phase 4

Reveal of 2nd Generation Akumas.


Phase 5

Akumaverse expands.



The genesis collection consists of 1,555 NFTs, each NFT will cost 0.66 SOL.

The launch date will be announced inside the Discord, please also follow us on Twitter for updates!

For each Akuma one holds, they will be airdropped Hono daily.

Hono is the utility token of the Akumaverse and will be utilized to have a diverse range of use cases, one of which will be the summoning of the next generation of the Akumaverse.

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